Transactions Tables in Nimera Swap

The transactions table displays all transactions. It’s a great place to gaige what kind of operations the previous traders and Liquidity Providers were conducting.

The transactions table shows 3 types of operations:

  • Add: when a currency is added to a pool.
  • Swap: when a currency is swapped, or traded for another currency in a pool.
  • Remove: when a withdrawal operation takes place in a pool.

In addition, the table displays the total value of the operation in EUR, amount of both tokens, the transaction status and time when the transaction took place.

The Transaction tables can be found in various sections of Nimera Swap. Depending on where the transaction table occurs, it displays a different type of data.

  • Transactions table on a token’s or project’s page: displays all transactions that included the given token across all pools where the token is traded.
  • Transactions table on the pool’s page: displays all transactions that occurred in the given pool.
  • Transactions table on “My transactions” page: displays all transactions made by the user across all pools where the user had been swapping or providing liquidity.