Nimera Swap FAQ

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What is Nimera Swap?

Nimera Swap is a DeFi yield farming platform with an individual pool-by-pool price formation formula. It embalse traders to exchange currencies with a user-friendly interface, while liquidity providers can enter pools and accumulate fees in exchange for supplying liquidity. Learn more

How does Nimera Swap work?

Nimera Swap uses EON’s colored coins technology and Nimera’s ecosystem infrastructure to facilitate DeFi-like exchange and liquidity mining with fees significantly lower than those typical for a DeFi exchanger, while supporting all blockchains. In Nimera Swap, all trading transactions are carried out in pools, where the price is calculated according to the pool’s math. Check out other articles for more details.

How do I Find what Assets are Available on Nimera Swap

Visit our statistics section to see the full list of tokens and pools available on Nimera Swap. Learn more

Why does my transaction cost X?

Swapping and providing liquidity in one currency costs a fee. The maximum fee charged on Nimera Swap is 2%. However, newly added assets on the platform enjoy a promotional period when the fee is reduced. The fee reduction is determined on a project-by-project basis. 25% of the transaction fee is always returned back into the pool and distributed among Liquidity Providers.

Where do I Check My Liquidity Provider Fees?

Navigate to “Swap → App → My pools” to check the fees you’ve accumulated in the last 24 hours.

How do I add a new token to Nimera Swap?

Normally, only official project representatives can add tokens to Nimera Swap. When adding their asset to the platform, they create and become managers of the project’s or token’s page.

Can I encounter a Scam Project on Nimera Swap?

All new tokens added to the platform pass a quick code and community evaluation during the integration phase. This minimizes the chance of scam projects appearing on the platform. That being said, Nimera Swap does not guarantee that a scam project can’t enter the platform. Thus, investors should always use their own research and judgment when deciding to buy a token or enter a liquidity pool.