What is Nimera Swap?

Nimera Swap is a DeFi swap and liquidity mining platform.

Liquidity mining, also known as yield farming, is a type of automated market-making where Liquidity Providers temporarily deposit tokens into a pool, creating the opportunity for traders to come and exchange tokens.

Every time a token is exchanged in the pool, liquidity miners earn a fee. The size of that fee is relative to the share percentage of liquidity that a particular provider holds in a pool.

As such, Nimera Swap enables two basic types of operations:

Liquidity mining: this involves "staking" tokens and presents opportunities to earn rewards.

Swapping: or, in other words, trading tokens.

Nimera Swap welcomes 3 types of users:

  • Traders;
  • Liquidity Providers;
  • Projects or businesses.

Traders should consider using Nimera Swap because of its streamlined interface that simplifies user-experience and unique pricing mechanics: the prices of tokens are formed relative to the correlation of two assets in one pool.

Liquidity Providers should consider using Nimera Swap because of its ability to potentially become a source of passive earning with bigger returns compared to traditional staking.

Projects should consider adding their tokens to Nimera Swap because of the service’s ability to automatically generate liquidity and increase the trading volume of an asset with the help of the community.