Signing up to Nimera Multibroker Test Environment

The key component of the Nimera ecosystem is Nimera Multibroker, and so we provide two Nimera Multibroker environments:

  • Test environment (or TST) Where Nimera users can test the functional capabilities of the Multibroker. With no real tokens in balance sheets, one can test Nimera Multibroker with no risk. The dedicated site is located at;
  • Production environment (or PRD) Where Nimera users can actually trade real assets. In this scenario, every action taken has consequence and is not reversible. The dedicated site is located at

Signing up to TEST environment

1. Go to;

2. Press Register in the upper right corner;

3. Enter an e-mail address;

4. Verify your email - check your mailbox for a verification message, open it and press the "ACTIVATE" button:

5. Set up a password and press the "COMPLETE REGISTRATION" button;

6. Log in to Nimera Multibroker using email and password that you have used during registration process.


Now you are able to use test the functional capabilities of Nimera Multibroker.