Pool Page in Nimera Swap

The Pool page displays statistics for any given pool on Nimera Swap. It’s a great place to learn valuable information about the pool’s trends.

At the very top you can see the prices of the assets relative to each other.

To the right of the price data, you will see the swap and liquidity provision buttons.

These buttons will bring up either the swap or the liquidity provision widget, allowing you to engage with a pool without leaving it’s page.

Next you will find the general statistics of the pool, as well as the information about the assets traded in the pool.

Here you can see Pool’s Statistics for Liquidity, Volume, and Price.

The “Visit token’s page” will take you to a Project’s or Token’s page where you will be able to learn additional information about the token from this pool and see other pools where that token, in this case — DAI, is traded.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the “Transactions” table, that displays all transactions that took place within this pool.