Depositing assets to Nimera Multibroker

To start trading crypto (e.g., BTC, EON, BCH, ETH, etc.) on Nimera Multibroker, one has to deposit it first. The stepwise instruction on how to deposit the coins is presented below.


1. Login to Nimera Multibroker at;

2. Switch to Wallets tab, choose Nimera Wallets and choose a currency to be deposited by clicking the DEPOSIT button;

3. Choose the network transport for the transaction from the Deposit option which represents the network that will be used for the transaction. You can choose EON Color Coin option for transactions from wallets within EON network and original transport for transactions from wallets outside EON network.

In this window, you can find a deposit address. You can copy it, or scan a QR code to send the crypto;

4. Use your preferable service/app to transfer the coins to this address;

5. Wait for the coins to arrive, checking MY WALLETS section of Nimera Multibroker.