Liquidity Provision Widget in Nimera Swap

Liquidity Providers can use Nimera Swap’s streamlined interface to add assets into the system and start earning on fees. Liquidity provision widget is located on the App page of Nimera Swap.

Where to Find the Liquidity Provision Widget

You can also bring up the liquidity provision widget from “my pools”, “my transactions”, analytics section by clicking on the Plus button next to any currency or pair.

How to Use the Liquidity Provision Widget

The first thing a Liquidity Provider needs to do is select a pool from the drop-down menu of the liquidity provision widget.

Remember, that in Nimera Swap, you can only provide liquidity to a pool, but not to a project or token. As such, there are always two currencies in play.

Let’s choose the BTC/WBTC pool for this example. Now, you need to decide whether you would like to provide liquidity in two currencies or in one currency.

  • When you provide liquidity in two currencies, the required amount will be taken from two exchange wallets. In this case, WBTC and BTC.
  • When you provide liquidity in one currency, the amount will be taken from a single wallet.

If you are providing liquidity in one currency, use the drop-down select to choose which wallet your funds will be deposited from.

If you are providing liquidity in two currencies, use the same drop-down select to specify in which currency you will input the amount. The share of the second currency will be calculated automatically and displayed on the widget.