Swapping or Trading in Nimera Swap

Nimera Swap allows users to easily trade different cryptocurrencies.

To conduct an exchange transaction, or a "swap", first select the incoming and outgoing currencies.

Next, specify the amount of incoming currency. The platform will automatically calculate how much outgoing currency the user will receive.

To confirm the operation, you must press the "exchange" button, after which the specified volume of incoming currency will be debited from your wallet, and the calculated volume of outgoing currency will be credited.

Before confirming the exchange, we recommend verifying the transaction details.

  • Slippage: a configurable parameter that you can use to specify the extent or rate change you are willing to tolerate. If, while the transaction is processing, the exchange rate changes will exceed the specified slippage, the deal will be canceled.
  • Minimum received: the smallest amount of crypto you will receive in accordance with the slippage.
  • Transaction fee: commission for the exchange, or swap transaction.
  • Price impact: the difference between the market price of an asset and the estimated price within a transaction. The higher the Price impact, the higher the exchange rate. If Price impact >= 12%, Nimer Swap will issue a warning. If Price impact >= 25%, the transaction will be canceled. A high price impact occurs when the transaction amount is high relative to the liquidity of the pool.

If you are happy with the transaction details, confirm the swap or exchange operation. The main thing to check is that the transaction price does not greatly exceed the global exchange rate for the specified currency or pair.

To the left of the transaction, the confirmation button is the slippage settings widget. The greater the slippage, the more likely it is that the swap will be processed, but the worse Minimum received parameter will be.