'Verification failed' error when trying to sign in to Nimera Multibroker

When trying to sign in to Nimera Multibroker, Verification failed error shows up, preventing users from signing in.


The issue is typically caused by Google reCAPTCHA being weakly compatible with specific web browsers, browser extensions, or connection types, such as:

  • Mozilla Firefox and Firefox-based browsers (e.g., Tor);
  • Adblockers and privacy extensions (e.g., AdBlock, AdGuard);
  • VPN connections.


To make sure the Verification failed error is caused by above reasons, try using a different web browser (e.g., Chrome) with adblockers and privacy extensions temporarily disabled when not connected to VPN.

If successful, try the above steps consequently, to locate the effective cause:

  1. Use a different web browser;
  2. Disable adblocker and privacy extensions;
  3. Switch to a non-VPN based connection.

Workaround / Resolution

Once the cause has been identified, eliminate it, either temporarily, to have a workaround, or permanently, to resolve the issue, in order to be able to successfully sign in to Nimera Multibroker.

Side effect

reCAPTCHA blocks all POST-requests when the test is failed. Therefore, it is not only the sign in that is not available under described circumstances, but also the password recovery available when clicking/tapping Forgot password? link, entering the e-mail address associated with the account in question, and clicking/tapping Reset. The recovery e-mail never arrives.